Our History

     Gentry House dates back to the 1820's and  showcases traditional early 1800’s brick between post construction. The historic integrity of the building has been preserved by the Vieux Carre commission since 1936. The Cottage House with our 5 guest units, is opposite our host house, across the courtyard.

   History and culture is abound; Turn right outside our front gate and  you are at the arch of Louis Armstrong Park and  ready to board the streetcar line. Turn left and you are standing on the doorstep of Marie Laveau (1020 St Ann). We are only 8 blocks from the Mississippi River and the song of the Steamboat Natchez can be heard from the courtyard. Bourbon St. happens to be 2 blocks away, which makes for an easy late night commute.

    These buildings have seen the greatest days of New Orleans history,  and weathered over 150 years before Sadie Gentry bought, restored and founded Gentry House Bed & Breakfast in 1987.

     In 2004 Sadie sold 1031 St. Ann to Charlotte and Brian Furnesss. Beyond her life as a Mother, and Wife, Charlotte is an accomplished seamstress, and quilt maker. She learned to cook the cuisines of the world while Brian, a foreign service officer with the Dept. of State, pursued his storied diplomatic career. Your well traveled hosts have lived Caracas- Venezuela, Milan and Rome- Italy, and Brasiliera- Brazil. Now they spend their time spoiling their lovable Dashunds Magda and Oscar.  Brian and Charlotte  have kept their business in the family as their son Andrew  keeps the flame with his  trusty Great Dane, Caesar.

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